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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 8, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> gregg: are you going to suffer from this, do you know who, america. go away. >> let's welcome our guests. she hails from san diego, dana perino and one of my co-hosts on the five a. jamie weinstein. and indonesia he is considered a bib. bill schultz. and if he was a stick, he would be sticky. and comedian. >> happy independence day. that was yesterday. >> and he longs for the days when he earned much praise. today michael grin baum hitting new york to get residents to say no to it's soda ban petition. no, on the east coast we call
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carbonated beverages soda. this is midwest term. you are in manhattan now, young man. well, we might as well make the best of a mentally deficient situation. name of the band -- pop goes -- yeah. >> no time left. all right. should we consider the toll before changing their roll. the marine corps has taken big stems to allow women to serve. one female veteran says that a bad idea. that is right, a female says it. the latest issue of marine corps gazette. katie argues that quote, we are not all yid created equal.
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and there is career ending conditions for females. she was hockey player that could squat 200 pounds but after tours she developed muscle atrophy. she says the toll is much hard other women, politically incorrect. this is the closest to the front line i'll ever get. >> gregg: like i said, after gay marriage, this is what we're seeing, more of bird-cat stuff. dana, before the show you asked me, you said please come to me first? >> yes. >> you said i have an incredibly specific pointed to make about this. i want to say strongly.
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>> thank you for that. [ laughter ] >> the other day on the five we did the 4th of july special. i didn't get chosen to be on the beanbag team. so when think about women in combat it's not unusual to put yourself in in there and because everything revolves around me. seeing what they have gone through in the iraq and afghanistan, i don't think i could do what they're doing. i can see where she is coming from. it's unpopular thing to say. i do think there are some things that are not physically possible for women. >> whoa! >> this is from the woman that dunked bob beckel. eric boling he was into the pirates for 30 years and you dunked him, not us. this is from a woman who has
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seen the worst combat going against beckel. >> did you say the other day, i saw you guys, you taped two shows on monday so i could have the day off. maybe should military should be in the military because they lie! >> today is thursday. >> i meant yesterday. >> yes, well, all right -- >> we proved that dana lies. >> so here is the thing, let them fight. >> let me ask the question and you can ask it in the silly stupid manner. >> this is what i love about the left. they talk about how they believe in science but they condition it when science is politically incorrect. >> so the difference in muscle mass between men and women is dramatic. that dictates qualifications which sometimes they change. that means they have different rules for different people.
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isn't that disturbing in a way? >> i think you should have different rules for different people according to height and weighted. everybody shouldn't have to do the same pullups. for your body mass you should do a certain amount. women should be able -- even if this girl, she came back fatigued and tire leg syndrome, that is what happens when you go to war. my uncle came back and he was a mess. when he went he was a mess. >> when he went he was woman. [ laughter ] >> but if they want to fight, let them fight. skinny dudes trying to get into the military to fight. >> gregg: anybody who wants to fight that is a fantastic thing tanned they should be afforded every opportunity to be in the armed forces. but do you sacrifice the killing efficiency, of your force because of equality or political
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correctness? is that right? does everybody have to be an overweight man, maybe he shouldn't be in the front line. maybe he should be somewhere else? >> its touchy subject. it's an interesting point. you used term discrimination, military discriminates against short people. they are not allowed to enter the combat line. a midget can't. >> gregg: little people, jamie. >> thank god somebody said something more offensive than i did. >> the digs cripple neighboring, sometimes discrimination is not bad. i think it's a tricky subject, you go to israel and women have women in the infantry. even in this ruling, it's not
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necessarily all the jobs are not open for the women. >> i don't think they should ban the women. some women are stronger than dudes. >> very much so. >> i don't think they should ban them from infantry. >> gregg: the bigger question, no one is standing up for you? >> i remember seeing this story in a lineup. i said it can't be mentioned but that is question. i think there is flip side to the female coin is the fat ones, over nine million americans that could be ready for combat but they can't because they are morbidly obese. so i think we should take some
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and allow them to fight. if you have seen g.i. jane, some of the women can do what the guys do. g.i. jane did it while having two bowling ball implants. >> what assistant go about the debate. everybody has to be so careful out. there are plenty of women can do that. i'm talking about mass numbers. and women are more valuable than men because of reproductive capacity. you only need one man to make a city but you need a city of women to make a city. that is why women didn't fight wars because they the were more valuable. and china is going to find out they are going to run into a problem. >> i saw the writing on the wall. >> to researchers in new york, they have claimed to crack the
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de that what makes someone cool. to submit words that describe cool and rank them. it was attractiveness, friendliness. personal competence and something called forehead crease intensity and something phony called social consciousness. you know who knows something about being cool? this guy. i think went to the bathroom >> you fit all of those things but friendliness, of course. [ laughter ]
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>> i know what that is about. >> this is cool. there is smg some things you willever know about it. what did i ask you? >> i don't know who funded these stories. that was the thing that was not clear. what is academia doing doing. >> they want to know how not to be a nerd. >> doing research so you can improve yourself. why i never got a chick in high school. counted the ways, if i had just done a little more socially conscious work and would have been cool. >> you find the problem and build the machine to give you things. >> that is what america does. >> we'll use them. >> we'll take them. >> that is good point. this is selfish research.
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>> it's the people that did research on viagra. somebody was actively working on it. now penises are hard, now let's see about this. >> that is what they say in the story. >> jamie, it's always the good-looking kid that is considered the coolest. >> i was watching happy days growing up and i thought sitting in a chair backwards was cool. i think when you are young, people are going to say the guy that tries to make people laugh. when he is working 30 years later he is no longer cool. >> take the jock the quarterback in high school now owns a trophy shop. >> luckily i was cool in high school and cool now. >> and you wrote a book about
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it. >> exactly. >> gregg: bill, you think none of these described traits are cool but is that a surprise? >> i don't get surprised. i think trying to be cool is a lot of effort. i don't have time for it. when you are certain ages your definition of cool is different. you want to hang out with a cool person but who is different. all those things in high school and less extent in college and then in your 20s 20s using people you think are cool to get ahead. there is one person cool and one person only -- rich people. [ laughter ] >> all i wanted to do is hang out with rich people. if you are rich, call me. >> bring it back to politics, in presidential politics, president
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obama is considered cool. romney is not cool, okay? so what do you want president, cool or confident. >> george w. bush, he was cooler whoever that dummy was that ran against him. gore. >> and then kerry. >> it was like eight years ago or something. >> i want to bring up social consciousness. it was being part of social groupings that are considered thoughtful. >> i don't think it necessarily means that. you see a cool dude and little girl and you buy her an ice cream. >> that is hunger. >> and it was basically saying -- >> if this is transmitted to
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companies as well because they are doing this corporate consciousness responsibility. >> gregg: this is an important story. from cool to pool, florida lifeguard, was fired for leaving his assigned area but he could get his whistle back. on monday, tomas lopez ran 1500 feet south of his zone after he was told a man was swim at your own risk. dolphin like dude helped rescue the guy but he was met with a pink slip. he has a policy toted to rescue someone outside their jurisdiction. in response to public outcry they offered his job back. they said to take the job and shove it. >> actually he humbly declined saying he needed to focus on his school work.
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for more, let's go to this. zbleig can't get over that. woo would he have gotten his job back if he was black? >> he wouldn't be swimming if he was black. >> it was the height. all lifeguards quit. >> i'm staying no matter what. kids need me in the summer. >> you are banned from most beaches after that incident. is this an example of society paralyzed by laws? >> absolutely. the metro.
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mob scenes and they would beat up somebody and other passengers just sat there paralyzed and didn't do anything. that is exactly the same thing. but basically the lawyers have taken risks out of our equation. they want to take all the risk out of life. that makes people cautious so the company is following the letter of law. they are worried about their money. the press was like, had the lifeguard been there and watch the guy drown. >> and what if the guy was the person who drowned happened to be -- a member of a lawyer's family. >> i should do a lot of research and i watched every episode of bay watch and not a single one of them addressed this issue. david hasselhoff, he would have done exactly with his shirt off. but at spring break time, come
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back and come back on duty. >> bill, last word to you. >> i think this guy is hero but think all lifeguards is hero. as kids, you get to work on your tan and stare at girls all day. after an hour, it's not a tan. look at the girls in the bikini. you have to have your eyes on the water all the time. furthermore you don't see girls in the bikinis. no girl with a bikini has a problem swimming. >> i believe he is hero. its tough job. and giving them mouth to mouth and they have a cold sore. do i or do i not. >> and your girlfriend is going to believe you. >> i did it because lifeguard. >> and gave them mouth to mouth with your crotch.
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>> what should you do with old broken toys for tots. that is cool, dana. >> will romney pick a w
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>>. >> gregg: could he pick a chick? according to ann romney he may pick a woman to his running mate. she was asked about that possibility, she says i love that option, as well. his requirement is somebody ready to be president but most our men but polls are saying it may help romney there. some of the names being thrown around, senator kelly ioyote.
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governors mickey haley, meg whitman and america's next model choice, tyra banks, but this is who i think he should pick as vp. ♪ ♪ >> gregg: finally a green vehicle that actually works. thank you, america. dana, the fact is if it wasn't for the unsolved transient murders in and around san diego your name would be on the list? >> i would not accept the call to duty. one was two weeks ago when mitt romney that marco rubio would not be considered. remember he did an interview and he said, oh, no, me, beth myers
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is helping make the selection. you know that ann doesn't know and he said absolutely not. two weeks later, two weeks they were discussing having a woman. when robert gibbs left the press secretary job, there was rumor, sort of leaked out there that said that chief of staff, daly wanted to make sure there was a woman. i was thinking, just pick her. you already diminished her by saying you wanted to pick a woman, choosing a woman because he is a woman is not going to help anybody. [ laughter ] i said wow. >> gregg: that was incredible. they are saying if you pick a woman, you get more women votes if they don't care about issues. >> they are talking dumb. that is like talking dumb to
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women. a black is going to vote for obama because he a black. we would vote for him if he ran. >> i would vote for flavor flav. >> to be honest he is not a bad guy he could pick beyonce and he is not winning. [ laughter ] >> why did they pick chris christie going back to what bill said we are a nation of overweight. go for the largest group. >> in more ways than one. there are not many women candidates, there are four of them they bring up a lot. three of the four don't have much national experience, condoleezza rice is pro-choice that disqualifies her. >> gregg: bill, you have been picking vice president since the mid 60s and you haven't gotten
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one right? >> i think you should pick chris christie, you get the bets have best of both worlds. a man and a woman. that is a man and a woman on the ticket right there. >> doing his own way. >> one of the things you'll find increasingly for the next 15 years a lot of people that will run for congress and higher office is people that served in the military and served in the war and front lines and that becomes part of the their resume. in some ways, women again, if they couldn't do the job there were some differences. >> if you were on the front lines, you were eliminating the possibility of moving into one sector. >> or something. >> in the last 20 years, there
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have not been too many presidents with military service. >> e-mail us a leave a voicemail on my direct line. still to come the halftime report from andy levy. no good report there. >>
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♪ ♪ >> gregg: welcome back. let's go to andy levy. >> hey, man. >> hey man? >> i'm trying something new here. and should women be in combat. once again, i don't think that you are thinking you could never be in combat. that is no dispositive of women being in combat? >> no, it's not. i'm lame. i have no firm position. i don't even know if i actually ever thought about it. sorry, i let you down. >> what is your take on this? [ laughter ] >> i think that andy levy you would be a great person to
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answer this question on behalf of all women? >> yeah, i want to talk about it as much as you do. >> why is everybody scared of this. >> i'm ruling in favor of dana to taping the five special beforehand i think was fine. i think the other day for three days ago. >> but july the 4th show but taped it on monday? >> monday is still the other day. >> that was the day after yesterday. [ laughter ] >> sharad, you can't say anybody should fight should be able to fight you have standards? >> no, i know you need standards, but i am saying, if they get kicked out of the army fine, let them try.
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don't kick them out before they get there. keep them moving. >> should they feel proud after they get kicked out? >> and can't use gate excuse like greg did. >> jamie you are correct there are height requirements in the military but each have a requirement. you can be really short? >> there are no midgets. >> no little people. >> they call them cutie. >> they are called hobbits, by the way. >> andy you are talking about my people. >> come on, it's 2012. you pointed out, men have more muscle mass than women which i think is true and katherine she
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makes compelling points. her personal experience you can't say case closed based on that. you do the studies of long-term effects on women and see if it holds true or if she is atypical example. the. >> point she was trying to make the people that were making these decisions weren't in combat rules. i'm just telling you how this thing works. that is why her opinion was more valid to me than say an administrative type person or a person that is more worried about how they are perceived at a cocktail party or in a newspaper. she doesn't care about that. she is a warrior. >> i completely agree with you. you can't -- you can't fall into the absolute moral authority trap here. another woman could say i have had no problems. >> wait, are you saying we
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should listen to more than one person? >> we should listen to the people to the opinions we already have. i find it works best. >> i couldn't agree more. >> yesterday. >> yesterday. >> researchers claim a quantified cool, this is most uncool study ever been done. dana, you said who front these studies, who paid for them? >> yes. >> a peod spray company. >> i think most professionals work at universities and rochester and other is at york college, three york colleges. but at the very least they work for private schools doesn't mean you get government funding. >> somebody should write to members of alumni and say how
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ridiculous it is. >> do you know who made this thing work? two scientists, that i like to call franklin. >> franklin and baths don't need to tell any study. they just live the life. that is the problem with the study. >> it is. >> you got to study it, you ain't got it. >> they were studying this, franklin and bass were living it. >> by the way, greg you want to know why you get social responsibility? all the participants were students at canadian university. >> they are canadians to tell us what is cool. >> i love canadians. >> tom grey.
2:36 am
>> and alex trebek. >> cameron anderson. she is cool, pam a la anderson. >> she is the coolest. >> and justin beiber. >> and carey is canadian. >> led the score in hockey. >> lives right by vancouver. >> you are going to keep talking. >> you are in charge in half time. right on. shut up. >> don't tell me to shut up on. >> but i'm not in charge of half time.
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>> you just proved my point. >> i'm trying to take control. >> it's chaos here. >> and lifeguard fired after trying to save a man's life. this is an example of a man trying to stay in their zone. people that live around their sea and lifeguards, like me, we know there is artificial, you have to go where you need to go, in the sense you are needed. it kinds of works. >> andy closest you get to the beach is a kitty litter box. [ laughter ] >> and you win stereo people of the night by saying black people can't smoke. >> they are not working it. >> i didn't say they were not swimming, they were not working as lifeguard making $3.75 an hour saving white people.
2:38 am
>> i thought you were implying that black people can't swim. >> it was a new summer shirt i'm wearing. i got it from abercrombie. [ laughter ] >> maybe i just heard, but i saw no saving no drowning ass honky. >>. >> jamie, you said the lifeguard should have a break time and gone what he did. just wait until break time. >> coming up with solutions here the best i can. >> this goes back. i understand the reason he was fired and i don't agree with it. but he left an area that his company was con tlaktd to protect and went to another area. if something happened in his area his company would have been screwed? >> everybody would have said he
2:39 am
was saving somebody else, okay. >> if something happened to someone in his area, i don't think that person's family would have been, we're not going to sue. >> you don't have enough lifeguards. >> and if you don't help somebody you get it anyway. >> and romney female running mate, you wouldn't accept them? >> i would have to seriously consider it. i'm not going to be asked. >> i don't think you have to use that kind of language. >> you have done redeye, you will never. >> i knew my political career was over, and i was yelling at bob beckel and throwing him in the dunk tank. it was heroic moment when i did
2:40 am
that. >> we have to be honest, your talk was nowhere near the target that dungsd you? >> i disagree. it was like near, it hit the thing. i think what happened when the ball came back i threw it with such force but it came back and hit the target thing and bob was surprised and i was surprised. i could watch that tape over and over again. >> it's not a zapruder film. you don't have to slow it down. >> there are so many other things you can look for in that tape, true. >> and naked eye and look really close. >> it got a little harry. >> yes, it did. >> i know. >> let's say on it. >> coming up, a brand-new redeye
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in 32 hours. >> but is president obama taking a vacation days prepared to be outraged, then prepare some outraged, then prepare some more. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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♪ ♪ >> gregg: well cleaning house starting with the mouse. chunky cheese is getting an image makeover. the rodent seeing seen here is imagined as a rock star playing electric guitar. it's totally in my face to the extreme. chunky cheese gave the boot the same year high i was banned of the chain. anyway, let's go to the lightning round! lightning round.
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>> dana, you told me earlier you celebrate every birthday at khun can i cheese? >> he has been very important to me. i would like to apologize to my mom and dad i used to make them take me to chunky cheese and i would go and they have that band. i would wait and get my coins and go and play. years later, my little boy was having a birthday and we get invited to chunky cheese because i do not go to my kids' ciofds or baby showers but it was most miserable experience. i think chunky cheese was in need of a makeover. >> the time difference when you loved it and it was only one year. [ laughter ] >> have you been there lately? >> it's not the same.
2:46 am
>> she just nailed you. >> it's like an old strip club vibe to it. it's got a dirty and cigarette butts everywhere. >> it's like an old pub. >> it's dark. >> it's not a lot of fond memories. wouldn't it better to make the pizza better. >> if you are going to the expense of rebranding why not get rid of the rat. it's not lovable, having a bear or panda bear. >> gregg: i didn't make that connection. >> they are adorable. >> mickey is mouse. >> bill, you hold your business tluwlgs. why is that? >> not anymore. not anymore. i tell you something, i grew up
2:47 am
with chunky cheese. he cannot be changed. he is cute. he got cute friends. he is cool. it reminds me of the simpsons. i feel the same way as generation when they were kids when mickey mouse was briefly changed by walt disney was changed as a nazi sympathizer and. look it up. >> it never happened. >> i'm not going to look it up because i don't have time. >> who decided that was fun. things that move like this. this is what inspires me. >> chunky cheese never matched his words. >> we need to take a break but that there is more stuff to talk about.
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>> gregg: next topic, president obama vacationing, he won't be vacationing at martha vineyards. he'll have a short time this year which he'll be taking in his hometown of kenya. what about the people that were
2:52 am
counting on his trip? >> when i first heard this story i realized how disappointed they would be cocktail party was not going to happen this year. remember august he was going to go and he goes and there was a major storm. all of a sudden, i'm going to announce a jobs bill after labor day. we had the problem with the speech. that started a really bad run that really only turned around last week. >> gregg: there you go. you thought this was the worst thing that obama has ever done? >> i think it's great. that lazy so and so mitt romney is on vacation with family. [ laughter ] >> he has got secret service there? >> that's my money. >> gregg: you don't even know
2:53 am
that. >> we knew obama was going on vacation and whatever farm last year. we into knew he was going back there. >> and doesn't it send a wrong message that rest is not important? >> exactly. >> i'm no fan of president obama's apologies. you can do your job wherever you go. >> you cancelled your vacation on 34th street? >> because it's on 34th street. it's a two minute walk. why not go to a wheis castle in harlem. that is an adventure. damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. he is going to a beer garden. martha stewart is a lush. >> they did a poll and they found people would be upset if he went on vacation to martha
2:54 am
vineyards. that is why. >> and andy levy will when we come back. come back.
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the skin they were born with and say they'd die for darker skin.
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sadly, some actually do. change your thinking, not your skin. stop tanning. learn more at let go to the postgame wrap-up. >> how are things going? >> go inside the daily e-mail, you will enjoy it. >> big premiere? >> good afternoon america, check it out. cool. >> what are you going be doing? >> i'm going to be talking about josh and laura simpson. >> so you are on the couch? >> it's a table like this. >> i have to move on with dana. i understand you are in a twitter war coming to an end? >> this the eve of the night before, yesterday or today something like that.
2:58 am
tomorrow war between greg and i, i want to show this is how it is done. this was the sweater on good friday and he would take over. he wrong and he lost. >> it's still a great sweater. >> it's always fun when you i go to those parties and they have over a hundred followers. >> back to you, greg. tonight the florida representative explains his controversial comments. plus. hank williams junior and all of his rowdy friends are jamming with the governor tonight. ladies and gentlemen, governor
2:59 am
mike huckabee. >> thank you. thank you very much. by the way we have a great audience tonight. two-thirds of this bunch are all from arkansas and we are having fun. they can call the hogs and do all sorts of stuff. welcome to all of you folks from little rock here today. [applause] >> it was a special week in our family. our little grandson chandler celebrated his first birthday and had his first taste of the cake and i think he enjoyed wearing it as much as eating it. and then our little grand daughter celebrates her month. the joy of watching them is enough to make me forget about the nonsense of washington. well, almost. and look. after the house of representative voted to hold


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